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Airport Transfer Services

Airport pick up: after arriving at Beijing International Airport (PEK) and clearing customs, you will see your name on a sign held by our English-speaking staff. Our experienced driver will then drive you to your hotel located in Beijing.

If for some reason you have not connected with the driver, please call us at (+86)13801369425 . Our staff will greet you there as soon as possible. We will ensure your safety after your arrival.

How & Where To Meet Driver

International, Hongkong & Taiwan arrivals
Step1 - Plane arrival
Step2 - Immigration / Customs and Excise
Step3 - Luggage claim
Step4 - Arrival hall to meet driver。

Domestic arrivals

Step1 - Plane arrival
Step2 - Arrival hall to meet driver
Step3 - Luggage claim

Airport drop off: we will call or leave message at your hotel reception / concierge the night prior to your check out date for final confirmation of pick-up time.

Important Information:

If for some reason you have not connected with our representitive, please call us at (+86)-10-65258716. Our English-speaking representitive will greet you at the airport. We will ensure your safety upon your arrival .

Don't ride with the drivers who tout their services at terminal entrances. They will charge you exorbitant rates.

If your flight number has changed (you changed your flight), please let us know your new flight details. Otherwise we will not get the accurate time of your flight.

If you cancel your trip to Beijing, please contact us 24 hours prior to scheduled date, and you will get a full refund.

If you missed your flight, please fax or email us your new flight details, and we will email or fax you the confirmation.

If your plane landed at another airport temporarily because of a bad weather, we would not get any information, even through the airline.But it will still land at the same airport as scheduled. On your arrival PEK you can not find our driver, please call us at +8613801369425, and the driver will meet you at Information Desk visible in the arrival hall.

What to see is that you pay. All parking fees and toll roads are included.

One-way Transfer

Passengers 1-2 3 4 5-6 7-8 9-10
Total cost (USD) 35 43 54 86 118 152
If your pick-up / drop-off location is in a suburb, please contact us,and it will be a change in charge.