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Tianjin Cruise Port Transfers Services

It is a 2.5 hours journey between the cruise port in Tianjin and downtown of Beijing.

Transfer cost includes all parking fees and toll roads. What to see is that you pay.

Transfer from cruise port to your destination in downtown of Beijing

requires a deposit or a full payment. If your destination is in a suburb of Beijing, it will be a change in charge.


If your pick-up / drop-off location is in a suburb, please contact us, and it will be a change in charge.

How & where to meet our driver?
Step1 - ship arrival
Step2 - Baggage reclaim
Step3 - Immigration / Customs and Excise
Step4 - Exit of arrival hall to meet driver

Our driver will meet you at exit of arrival hall. Please look for your name board. If for some reason you have not connected with the driver, please call us at +86 13801369425 . Our staff will greet you as soon as possible. We will ensure your safety after your arrival.

Transfer from downtown of Beijing to cruise port.

If your pick-up locaion is in a suburb of Beijing, it will be a change in charge.

We will call or leave message at your hotel reception / concierge the night prior to your check out date for final confirmation of pick-up time. Our driver will collect you from your hotel lobby on time.

One-way Transfer

Passengers 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
Total cost (USD) 180 230 295 380 460