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Great Wall at Badaling, the Sacred Way & Ming Tomb

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Tour Costs include vehicle, English speaking guide, entry fees, lunch, all parking fees & toll roads.

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7.30 a.m. At China World Hotel localities;

8.00 a.m. At Grand Hyatt Hotel Beijing;

Pickups could be at most venues in downtown.

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Payments & Refunds:

A full payment or a deposit on PayPal is needed, and the remaining balance can be paid in cash at time of service. Cancellation must be notified 12 hours prior to the actual pick up time. Your lateness or absence is not refundable.

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Great Wall at Badaling, the Sacred Way & Ming Tomb

vehicle, English speaking guide, entry fees, & lunch
8 hours Daily per person

Each way 1.5 hours’ drive. The Great Wall 1.5 hours. The Sacred Way & Ming Tomb( Changling ) 1.5 hours. Jade Factory & Lunch 1.5 hours. Tea Break 0.5 hour.

Great Wall at Badaling

Most visitors see the Great Wall at Badaling,70km northwest of Beijing,at an elevation of 1000m,The section of masonry at Badaling was first built during the Ming dynasty(1368-1644),and was heavily restored in both the 1950's and the 1980s.Punctuated with Dilou,the 6m-wide wall is clad in brick,typical of the stonework employed by the Ming when they restored and expanded the fortification.

The surrounding scenery is raw and impressive and this is the place to come to see the wall snaking off into the distance over the undulating hills.Also come here for guard rails,souvenir stalls,afairground feel and the companionship of squads of touists surging over the ramparts.

The Sacred Way

In the front part of the imperial necropolises, there usually is a Sacred Way (or Divine Road) which means the road leading to heaven. The Emperor, known as the Son of the Heaven, who came from Heaven to his country through the Sacred Way, also deservedly would return to Heaven through this road.

The Sacred Way is often lined with stone statues which are important decorations of the mausoleum. These statues are usually 12 human figures (including the general, civil officials and meritorious officials) and 24 animals which are lion, camel, elephant, xiezhi (a mythological unicorn), qilin (one of the four "divine animals, the other three are dragon, phoenix and tortoise), and horse. It is said that these animals is supposed to change guard at midnight.Among the many Sacred Ways, the one of Ming Tombs' is best preserved and complete. The Sacred Way starts with a huge stone memorial archway lying at the front of the area. The Sacred Way was originally built to lead to the Changling mausoleum. Afterwards, twelve more mausoleums were built.

Ming Tomb( Changling )

Changling Tomb for the third emperor Zhu Di is head tomb of the thirteen tombs . The tomb was constructed in 1409 and completed in 1427. It is the most impressive with its series of magnificent halls lying beyond its yellow-tiled gate. Seated upon a three-tiered marble terrace, the most notable struture is the Hall of Eminent Favour containing a recent statue of the emperor and a breathtaking interior with vast cedarwood columns. The nine-covered burial mound at he rear of the complex is yet to be excavated and is not open to the public.