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Gubeikou Great Wall

The first Gubeikou section of the Wall was built during the Northern Qi Dynasty. Many centuries later ordered General Xuda to restore it in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Walls were expanded by adding more stone. If Qi Tsziguana commander of the garrison was named Chi (one of eleven crews in the Ming Dynasty), he put another line of the wall next to the original, creating a unique Gubeikou double-lined walls. Now known Gubeikou Great Wall stretches for more than 25 miles. There are 14 beacon towers go, 143 watchtowers, 16 by three strategic forts and many other military installations. Many of them are famous monuments such as a large flower lighthouse Northern Qi dynasty, Fairy Tower, chief of the tower and the dominant Wangjing tower. Gubeikou Great Wall Scenic Gubeikou Great Wall construction is high and architectural achievements. Gubeikou Great Wall Scenic highlights Panlongshan Great Wall and Wohushan Great Wall of China.

The surrounding scenery is raw and impressive and this is the place to come to see the wall snaking off into the distance over the undulating hills.Also come here for guard rails,souvenir stalls,afairground feel and the companionship of squads of touists surging over the ramparts.

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Gubeikou Great Wall

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Gubeikou Great Wall

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