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Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tomb

Located in the mountains 75 kilometers northeast of Beijing downtown, Mutianyu Great Wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557 A.D.). In the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Qi Jiguang, a famous patriotic general, strengthened it by adding more bricks instead of clay to make it solid. Therefore it once served as the northern protective screen for many years.

Despite the 22 watch towers built at regular intervals along the wall, a beacon tower is set up outside the Great Wall to alert(with rising smoke) other army service stations at the villages along the Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall is well known site for the beautiful scenery.Around the year, flowers bloom all over the mountains in spring; grasses dress the hillside green in summer; fruit trees grow in autumn bearing organic fruit in October even in November; in winter, the land is covered in snow, the Great Wall seems even more magnificent. What's more, a frozen waterfall with bushes on the hills is a view that you would not want to miss.

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Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tomb

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Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tomb

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The Forbidden City:      Apr.1 - Oct.31      60RMB / per person
                                    Nov.1 - Mar.31      40RMB / per person
Mutianyu Great Wall:      40RMB / per person
Dingling Tomb:      Apr.1 - Oct.31      70RMB / per person
                                    Nov.1 - Mar.31      50RMB / per person
Changling Tomb:       Apr.1 - Oct.31       50RMB / per person
                                    Nov.1 - Mar.31      30RMB / per person
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Lunch:       45RMB / per person