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Confucius Temple

Confucius was a great thinker, philosopher and educator in ancient China . His teachings contributed to the cultivation of the individual, the regulation of the family, the order of the state and the peace of the world. He was born in 551BC and died in 479BC.

He joined the government services at the age of 51. Later, He became the prime minister of the State of Lu . For some reason Confucius left Lu and returned to Lu to engage himself in writing Spring and Autumn Annals, revising the Book of Odes, the Canon of History, the Book of Rites and Music and studying the Book of Changes.

It is said that he had three thousand disciples, of whom 72 mastered six arts, rite, music, archery, charioteer, writing and arithmetic. His political ideal consisted of love of people, economy in the use of material resources, observation of rites and music and a world where harmony and equality prevail.

A fter the death of Confucius, his disciples and followers were scattered in different states, teaching his way. To commemorate Confucius, the National Government of the Republic of China has since its establishment officially proclaimed the birthday of Confucius as Teachers' Day. (September the 28th)

Confucianism has been the cornerstone of Chinese culture for more than two thousand five hundred years and influenced neighboring countries such as Japan , Korea , Vietnam and others, and it also inspired the eighteenth century French Enlightenment and as a result of modern democratic thought in the West.

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Lama Temple , Confucius Temple & Panda Garden

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Lama Temple , Confucius Temple & Panda Garden

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